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I started working out with John 2 years ago, just as we were getting out of Covid restrictions, and have been training with him regularly since. The usual routine is combination of strength and cardio training, always outdoors in local parks, which I love!

John has a great way of training where while he challenges you to perform, he still has a has very laid back and relaxed manner about it, so I never “dread” the sessions and always look forward to them, even if I’m completely exhausted.

Lana - Personal training  

"I started training with John 8 weeks after having my baby and was desperate to get back in shape. What I achieved was much more than just losing the uncomfortable baby fat I had. What seemed like an impossible task was much easier than expected and super fun! Within a short period of time, I had visibly  lost weight, gained definition and my overall strength and fitness had improved considerably. He has helped me look the best I have in my life...I can't recommend him enough!"   


Luciana - Personal training 

"I spent 4 Days with John in the Lake District. John arranged the accommodation and provided an intense and varied exercise regime: hill walking, biking, gym, jogging etc, in a very beatuiful part of Britain. On top of all that, John is a great cook. I'll be going back for more."   


Peter - Retreat -


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Personal Training


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1-2-1 & Group sessions in local parks, gardens & your own home around London. Available globally online!

The essential retreat for adventure and fitness. In the fresh air and stunning surroundings. The Lake District

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