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Fitness & Adventure




"...just what we needed in a retreat!"


Surround yourself in absolutely stunning surroundings. The Lake District offers the perfect place for you to exercise in the fresh air. Work your body, boost your fitness, focus your mind and feel re-energised.

Connect back to nature, while staying in remote accommodation and spending time outside to experience a mixture of fitness sessions and adventure activities.

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Fitness Sessions

Exercise outdoors with a range of different fitness sessions that you won't find in the gym. Making use of your surroundings such as the garden space where you'll stay, countryside locations and local beaches. 

No spin bikes or dumb-bells here. You'll be challenged with sand bags, battle ropes, water drums, even spades and more! 

Adventure Activities

The Lake District has so much natural beauty. It's within this environment where you'll test yourself physically and mentally. Hike and scale up mountains. Paddle across lakes. Cycle through forests. Scramble up rivers and slide down waterfalls. The list goes on!



Not only will your surrounding environment be stunning, but so will your accommodation. Stay in hand picked, fantastic cottages with the choice of either private or shared rooms. En-suite available too! 

The accommodation is remote; no hotels or bed & breakfasts with other guests. You will have plenty of space to rest and unwind after each day of activity and training.


Included are daily delicious freshly prepared meals, snacks, drinks and smoothies. Enjoy wholesome nutrition to keep you fuelled for your active stay. Depending on the type of your retreat, also available are gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and detox options.

Special dietary requirements can be catered for.



Types of retreat:

- Fitness & Adventure retreat. Combining exercise sessions with adventure activities in the natural environment of the countryside, beaches, mountains and lakes. Enjoying wholesome nutritious food.

- Adventure retreat. For those who want to focus all their energy into adventure activities!

- Weight-loss retreat. Combining the above but with more focus on nutrition and calorie intake. Detox and intermittent fasting are also options for these retreats.

- Walking & Hiking retreat. For those who want to ramble and explore on foot the beauty of the hill and mountain tops. Get fit from summit to summit. Shorter low level walks and long hikes both available.

- Yoga retreat. Your main focus will be to connect yourself in a relaxed, calm and remote place. Enjoy your specific type of yoga. Have the option to add any adventure activities to your stay.

Length of retreats:

3-5-7 day retreats are available

Skill level:

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Group size:

Usually up to a maximum of 4 people - larger groups can be arranged

- more exclusive

- more private

- more individual attention

- retreats for women, men, mixed

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